Original U.S. WWII 36th Infantry Division Bronze Star Named Grouping – 736th Ordnance Company

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Original Items: One-one-of-a-kind. A fantastic uniform grouping that belonged to PFC Ralph Brown (ASN: 32999313 ) who was born in 1908 in Fairfield County, Connecticut. During WW2 he was assigned to the 736th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company, 36th Infantry Division who fought in World War Two. He participated in some of the most ferocious campaigns of the Mediterranean Theater of Operations including the Italian Campaign, on 9 September 1943, when he landed by sea at Paestum and fought in the Battle of Salerno against intense German opposition and ending in April 1945 in Germany for the fall of the Third Reich. In total he fought in four known campaigns, earning a Purple Heart and was awarded the Bronze Star for Gallantry in Action.