Original Vietnam War U.S. Marine Corps Heavy Helicopter Squadron 462 Tour Boonie Hat – HMH-462

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Product Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. During their time in South East Asia, it was very common for units to make commemorative items such as hats, patches, and so forth, and this is one such hat. This is a very nice camouflage boonie hat, covered with embroidered decorations related to the owners service.

The owner of this cap was a U.S. Marine, and was part of the Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 462 HMH-462 during their tour of duty in South East Asia, as marked on the front of the cap. The front brim is also embroidered with Dad’s Boys, probably a unit nickname, and the back is marked Saint, probably the owner’s own nickname. The left side of the cap is marked PETERSBURG, PA., the owner’s hometown, and the other side is marked:


Most of the embroidery is in golden thread, but in this case the letters J O K E are in red, a bit of dry humor. A great piece of Vietnam War Memorabilia. The cap itself is a lovely camouflage color, and the size seems to be around 7 1/4 / 58 cm.

These hats were very popular among American servicemen during…

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