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UPC : GDC0000015649
Caliber : 9MM LUGER
Action : SEMI AUTO
Capacity : 9 ROUNDS
Barrel Length : 4 BARREL
Weight : 1.6 LBS.
Finish : TWO-TONE


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Product Description

Reengineered around the 9mm cartridge, the Springfield Armory Enhanced Micro Pistol (EMP) translates the benefits of the full-size 1911 into a smaller platform perfectly suited for today’s most popular defense caliber. Easy carrying and smooth shooting, the EMP is built with a forged frame and slide to last a lifetime. To capitalize on the smaller caliber refinements, the EMP features a shortened frame and action compared to its full-size counterpart. The reduced grip radius produces a remarkably comfortable shooting experience and makes the pistol a concealable and confident sidearm.

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