Antique Gun Restoration Cleaning Kit

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Product Description

New Made Item: Countless customers have asked how best to restore an Antique gun without damaging the historical value. Well, now we have an answer! Developed by Master gunsmith and restorer Dennis Duval, IMA is proud to offer, for the very first time, a complete restoration kit ideally suited to cleaning, restoring and caring for our numerous Antique rifles and Muskets, especially our line of “untouched” guns. This kit is designed to restore your gun without destroying the original finish of the stock, patina of the steel, or the lure of the brass.

Every kit is intended to restore one antique long gun, and is comprised of these 10 separate components:

– Liquid Soap Concentrate- (Potassium Methyl Cyclohexy Oleate): Alkaline soap is a non-acid, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, germicidal cleaner for practically everything from paper to stone. Compared with harsh acid based cleaners, soap is not harmful to health or property. Soap attacks and emulsifies dirt, mineral oils, fatty oils, waxes and hydrocarbons. A final rinse or wipe with clean water neutralizes the surface. Soap is supplied as a dense concentrate and MUST be diluted before use. For normal aqueous cleaning: one part soap to six parts tap water (by Volume) is sufficient. As a spirit soap, one part soap in ten-twenty parts solvent will be effective. As Soap is a highly effective de-greaser…

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