German WWII HJ Knife with Motto Marked RZM M7/66

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Product Description

New Made Item: This is not the cheap version out of China. Instead these are top quality high carbon steel construction reproductions made exclusively for IMA by one the worlds best edged weapon makers (a contractor to the USMC). An original knife from this maker in this condition would cost $1000. Now is your chance to get an exceptional HJ knife at a fraction of the cost!

Copied from an original in the IMA collection this transitional HJ knife is nickel-plated over a steel base. The motto Blut und Ehre! (Blood and Honor!) is inlaid on the blade in black. The ricasso is stamped with a single open RZM circle, with the code M7/66 and maker logo.

The “bakelite” (dense plastic) grip plates are closely checkered and retained by nickel-plated rivets with dressed obverse heads. The HJ insignia is crisp and well detailed.

The scabbard shell is a near perfect match with correct black paint and a complete leather hanger with belt loop and retainer loop are also included to complete the piece.

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