Guide Lamp M3 Grease Gun Museum Quality

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Guide Lamp M3 Grease Gun Museum Quality


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Product Description

This is the finest M3 we have ever seen. The owners personal gun.

C&R M3 Grease Gun. ATF paperwork lists Guide Lamp Division of General Motors as the manufacturer. This is an excellent example of a WWII General Motors M3 SMG built by The Guide Lamp Division of General Motors. Serial number indicates mid 1944.These were developed as a wartime substitute for the Thompson M1928 SMGs due to their lower cost and manufacturing time. The majority of these weapons were converted to the “A1” configuration after 1944; however, this example remains in its all-original configuration, with the cocking handle on the right side and original combination safety/dust cover. It has the fixed front and rear sights on top of the receiver. The left side of the magazine well is marked “SUB-MACH GUN/CAL. 45 M3” over the Guide Lamp marking and “Crossed Cannon/U.S. NOXXX” The underside of the trigger guard bow and the trigger housing cover both have Guide Lamp part markings of “BGR-GL/B6-301456 ” and “G.L. C153432”

The gun was a lend lease to the UK. The British lend lease markings are stamped on the barrel including the 45 cal and 7 ton markings.

The gun was returned to the US after the war and rebuilt to original specifications by the US Army. The gun was not reissued and remains in 99+ condition. Test fired only.

Includes two GL original mags.

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