Original Austrian WWI Mountain Infantry M1915 Bergmütze Field Cap

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Original Item: Only One Available. The mountain infantry of Austria have their roots in the three Landesschützen regiments of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The mountain infantry of modern Germany carry on certain traditions of the German Alpenkorps (Alpine corps) of World War I. Both countries’ mountain infantry share the Edelweiß insignia, established in 1907 as a symbol of the Austro-Hungarian Landesschützen regiments by Emperor Franz Joseph I. These troops wore the edelweiss on the uniform collar. When the Alpenkorps served alongside the Landesschützen on Austria’s southern frontier against Italian forces from May 1915, the Landesschützen honored the men of the Alpenkorps by awarding them their own insignia: the edelweiss.