Original British Victorian Era Regimental Number – 9

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Product Description

Original Item: Released years ago in a British government sale, we have found a case of original metal regimental numbers 7/8″ tall for wearing on uniforms and for attaching to all types of equipment.

The Victorian military was regiment oriented: sons followed fathers into “The Regiment”, even famous old names were rarely used and a Regiment was affectionately referred to as “The Old 45th”. Remember Errol Flynn in “The Charge of the Light Brigade”?

The Military was, however, a little different from today and one regiment was not above permanently borrowing material from another, so it became customary to number just about everything with a regimental number: cartridge boxes, slings, packs, saddles, you name it.

We now offer original nickel plated brass regimental numbers for you to dress up your equipment. Each number has either a double eye fitting on rear for you to secure with a split-pin or stitch, or posts.